Connecting your brand with high-intent customers

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Cappsool Technologies is a B2B marketing company dedicated to matching high-intent users with partners in multiple industries. Through paid search, we identify and target non-branded keywords that signify the user is close to a purchase decision. After clicking on one of Cappsool’s ads, the user is directed to a comparison site focused on the industry they searched for. These sites help the user compare brands and learn about the various options, empowering them to make a decision.

From the comparison site, the user is just one click away from your brand’s home page. Throughout the process Cappsool’s sophisticated algorithms are hard at work selecting for users with high intent and filtering out users with low intent. This ensures only the highest-quality leads land on your brand’s website, boosting your conversions and ROI.





In intent marketing, no two users are the same. That’s why we give each user a unique comparison experience determined by things like their geolocation and search query.
Usually the first thing the user sees when they land on one of our comparison sites is a chart of the top brands in that industry. Cappsool’s sites also contain feature comparison charts, brand reviews, and informative how-to guides and articles. No matter the industry, the aim is always the same: to help the user compare and encourage them to click on the most relevant brand(s).


Interested in having Cappsool feed your brand high-quality leads? We’re always open to collaborating with new partners and even branching out into new industries. To discuss working with us, learn more about what we do, or give us feedback, please email or use the contact form below.

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